Holiday Card Contest Winners

It’s the last day of 2006 and, as it’s a Sunday, we won’t be getting any more mail this year. That means it’s time to reveal the winners of this year’s holiday card contest. I bet you didn’t even know you were competing, did you? It’s been an informal contest up until now. But as technology now allows me to easily scan and post these on my site, I thought I would share the results with you.

This year’s clear winner is Cathy Bandow, for obvious reasons. But it’s not just that her Christmas card features a monkey. Oh, no. It’s also that I can just picture dear Cathy giggling herself silly while uploading the picture, receiving the box of cards in the mail, putting the addresses on each one and dropping them in the mailbox. I bet she had to have a drink afterward just to calm herself down. I also like the fact that, as I have never met her husband, I can’t really be sure that’s not Bruce in the picture. If so, Blair definitely gets his looks from Mom’s side of the family.

Moving on, the Page family’s card is a solid choice for second place. Lots of you got dressed up for your holiday photo, but the Pages were the only ones who featured an entire family in skirts. The whole concept showed effort, creativity, coordination and managed to spotlight the shapely legs of all three family members. Well done.

In third place we have Stacy Glassey, who somehow manages to have her family’s Christmas photo taken with the exact same Santa every year. What sets this card apart from the others, though, is not the photo but rather the hilarious message on the reverse, which makes reference to the time she did a cartwheel (sorry, a round-off) in a bar that one would ordinarily not touch the floor of without first making a trip to the doctor for a series of inoculations. Funny, funny stuff.

Those of you who sent cards featuring pictures of your kids are probably feeling robbed right now, thinking that the cuteness of those smiling faces should have garnered you a spot on the list. Well, you’re right. But there’s just no way we could possibly choose just one, or even just three! Our friends and family have some seriously adorable children. They’re all beautiful, and we were thrilled to receive pictures of all of them. Thank you!

A final note: we didn’t have our act together this year and didn’t send out a single card. Our apologies to all of you! We promise to do better next year. It’s on our list of resolutions for 2007. Looking forward to seeing you then!


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