Positive Thinking and Port Grimaud

I know I promised pictures and stories about Salzburg, but I’ve been way too busy studying to get everything uploaded. My driver’s exam (the written portion) is tomorrow and I’ve been cramming since last Monday. I’m cautiously optimistic, but considering the fact that a pretty generous percentage of French people don’t pass it the first time around, the prospect is still a little scary.

So I want everyone to go to bed tonight sending positive, happy thoughts my way. I’ll be taking the test at 10 a.m. tomorrow, which will be 3 a.m. your time (if you are reading this in the Midwest, otherwise, adjust for your time zone). I’m serious. I want you to visualize me passing the test with flying colors, jumping for joy right there in the DMV (think of it as “Le DMV” if that helps) and having the time of my life celebrating afterward.

To help you visualize the celebrating part, here are some pictures of Port Grimaud (more at right), where I will be spending a week with my friend Adi (short for Adrienne), starting Friday morning. She’s been lent a fantastic 3-bedroom house on the seaside for a week and is taking me with her, since her husband has to work. Very Enchanted April,” don’t you think? Well, the part about two housewives sharing a beautiful coastal villa, that is. We adore our husbands, though, who will be joining us there for the weekend.


Anyway, if not just for me, but for the sake of my generous friend (look, isn’t she lovely?) who will have to hear about it for the whole week (sorry, Adi) please send as many happy thoughts as you can spare. Your support is appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking and Port Grimaud

  1. Twenty crossed fingers in Pertuis!! (oh. wait. make that eighteen. Em got distracted with his nose…) Bonne chance!

  2. [c’est top] …and you deserve every minute of sun sea and st tropez eye candy for the slog you are going through tomorrow at 10am darlin’. Seeya Friday xo

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