Port Grimaud

Sure enough, there’s nothing like a free week in an amazing house on the French Riviera to make you forget all your troubles. Port Grimaud is near St. Tropez and is known as the Venice of France. This exclusive little port village is gated, and doesn’t even allow non-residents to drive through. But once inside, you can feast your eyes on the winding canals, picturesque little bridges and breathtakingly sublime sailboats.

We had a gorgeous three-bedroom house with the best terrace in town. In fact, tourists walking over the bridge near our terrace would gasp and get their cameras out at the sight of us having lunch in the sun or celebrating “champagne-o-clock” (that’s Adi-speak for six p.m.) with a bottle of bubbly and some pre-dinner snacks. We estimated that we were in about fifty tourist photos each day we were there.

It was a wonderful, relaxing week and in addition to getting all caught up on my lolling about, we took the ferry to St. Tropez and did some shopping, took several boat tours of the canals and treated ourselves to some spa treatments and the best Thai food either of us have had in Europe. It was heaven. More pics at right.


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