Bring On The Night…

Bonjour from Paris! We spent five wonderful days there with my parents, but photos of our adventures will have to wait, as The Jimmer accidentally packed the cord that connects our camera to the computer and took it back to the States with him. But while it’s on its way back to us, I can tell you about one of the highlights of the trip, which was The Police concert last Saturday night.

What a show! Our seats were terrible, but it didn’t matter, I still clapped my hands raw and sang myself hoarse. Fiction Plane, Sting’s son’s band, was the opening act and really very good, even though we were so far away that we couldn’t read the name of the band on the big screen behind the stage.

Our section was too far away to get very fired up and stayed in their seats for the majority of the show, which was a shame. Near the end, though, a couple of people started to stand up, so I took that opportunity to jump out of my seat, turn around and yell in French, “Come on, Section X, on your feet!” Johann looked like he wanted to crawl under the seat and die from embarrassment. But what do I care? They all stood up. Even him.

For the last encore, as a special surprise for the French audience, they brought out old Henri Padovani to sub on guitar. Henri, in case you didn’t know, was The Police’s original guitarist (and a Frenchman), but was let go in favor of Andy Summers way back when, before they were famous. The four of them took a bow together at the end, which was trés cool.

When I first became a fan of The Police, I was fifteen years old. But that was in 1986, and the band was finished by then. So I never thought I would have a chance to see them live and last Saturday night was a dream come true for me. Merci mille fois, Johann. Je t’adore, mon chou!


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