Coming Attractions: Lac de St. Croix

Wow. I’m really behind, aren’t I? I haven’t even posted a coming attraction in over a month! And I’m afraid this post isn’t going to make up for it much, at least in terms of length and detail. But I did want to let you know about Lac de St. Croix, where Johann and I spent the day Thursday.

The lake was created in 1975, when a dam was built over the Verdon river, creating this large and lovely body of water noted, like a high-quality diamond, for its exceptional color and clarity. Surrounded by mountains, the lake has abundant hiking trails, beaches, picnic areas and opportunities to participate in water sports from kayaking and canoeing to sailing.

The village of St. Croix is aware of its tourist appeal but has retained its authenticity, scoring points in the categories of lovely restaurants with lake views and in lack of tacky souvenir shops. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to let my pictures do all the talking here. More views of St. Croix are at right, under “Photos.”


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