Staycation: Days 1-3

Like many people, we’re saving a little money by spending our summer vacation right here at home. And it’s not a bad thing. To steal a joke from The Daily Show, Paris will always be there, but given the sub-prime mortgage crisis, chances are your house might not be. Ouch.

Of course, I don’t expect any sympathy for our situation. I am aware that the prospect of a “staycation” is less depressing when you live somewhere as lovely as the South of France. So here’s the day-to-day of our week spent at home so far. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have been.

Day one: Anniversary party at Loulette and Guy’s. What a blast! Eighty other guests attended their outdoor garden party complete with roast lamb on a spit and a vineyard’s-worth of Champagne. Yannick and Laetitia announced their engagement and asked us to stand up in their wedding. We met a fantastic couple from Pertuis, right around the corner from us, and made friends with their pal Stephanie from Paris. We got there at noon and drank nothing but Champagne until we left at 11pm that evening.

Day two: Recovering from day one.

Day three: Went hiking along the Durance, a river just five minutes from our house. The water was surprisingly warm, considering that it descended from the Alps to get to us. Saw lots of people with canoes and kayaks and made a mental note to try that next time. Found a secluded spot and went for a swim (in our underwear, since we hadn’t thought to wear bathing suits and since nobody was around, anyway).

Soaked up a good amount of sun and found a nice walking stick, which I thought made me look very outdoorsy but Johann thought made me look like a female version of “House.” No one twisted an ankle on the rocks and no one was smart-alecky enough to deserve a smack with a walking stick, so the day was a triumph.

Then we headed back home and got cleaned up and ready to host some cousins of Johann’s for drinks. In Provence, people (often distant relatives you’ve never met before) pop in on you unexpectedly and expect you to drop whatever you’re doing and entertain them. Johann managed to politely send them packing the first time they dropped by unannounced, but had to invite them back another time so as not to appear rude. This was that other time. We managed to clear them out early-ish and rewarded ourselves with dinner at a gorgeous new Thai place one village over.

Stay tuned for day four of our staycation and please check out the rest of our pictures on the right under “Photos.”


One thought on “Staycation: Days 1-3

  1. [this is good] Always good to start the staycation with roasted lamb and champagne !!!Surtout pour le lendemain 😉

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