No new posts in over a month. That has to be some kind of record for me. Here’s the quick overview of what we’ve been up to in October. If you’ve been checking my Facebook page at all, you’ve already seen these pictures. But if not, (Mom and Dad) this will be new stuff.

One of the greatest things about living in Europe is its proximity to, well, Europe. Visiting our friends Erin and Francesco is just a four and a half hour drive, making a long weekend in Italy easy as pie. I usually get some sarcastic remarks from disgruntled American friends when I say things like this, but it’s really not my fault that Italy is what’s four hours from here. (Ed, you always say how much you like Wisconsin Dells!)

Anyway, we stopped for lunch in San Remo on the way and had a gorgeous seafood lunch at a restaurant overlooking the port. After a quick walk around the port area, we hit the road again and arrived in Acqui Terme, where Erin and Francesco had reserved us a place to stay.

They set us up in a spectacular apartment filled with gorgeous antique furniture and floor-to-ceiling marble tile in the bathroom. We regretted having to leave it, even to spend time with them! But they managed to lure us out with promises of pizza, pasta, risotto and gelato that didn’t disappoint. In fact, the only bad thing about having real Italian pasta and pizza is that you can never again eat those dishes in your homeland and feel satisfied. After the real thing, every attempt to recapture the taste just leaves you flat, pushing your plate away and checking your calendar for another free weekend when you can go back to Italy.

But the food wasn’t the only attraction. There was also Mason’s baptism, which was held in the beautiful church in Erin and Francesco’s hometown of Visone. Though, of course, this event was followed by still more food. There were three starters, two pasta courses, the main dish, cheese and dessert. When I walked into that restaurant, the pants I was wearing were a little big on me. By the time I left, I was a little big on them.

Disappointingly, we had to cut the weekend slightly short, as Johann was sick as a dog and needed to be taken home a bit early on Sunday. Poor thing. This is the second time this has happened to him in Italy. I think I’ll take him to the doctor and have him tested for an allergy to deliciousness. Speaking of which, leaving early meant missing out on the posh lunch Erin’s sister-in-law Anna threw, where one of the Piedmont region’s famous white truffles was served in various dishes. Sigh. Maybe next time. I’m counting my calories and checking my calendar in anticipation.

Well, that wasn’t much of an overview at all, was it? I spent the whole time going on about Italy! More on October’s events to follow.
Pictures at right under “Photos.”


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