What’s in a Name?

If there’s one thing French people love, apart from wine, rich sauces and long lunches, it’s spicing things up with a bit of English. Unfortunately, this isn’t always done with the savoir-faire that the French are known for. More often than not, they only have the faintest idea what their t-shirt, business name or bumper sticker actually means. And charmingly, this doesn’t seem to bother them much, as is evidenced by the boy in the jacket pictured. That’s Vincent, Johann’s cousin, and when we asked him if he knew what his jacket said, he admitted that he didn’t. So we explained it to him. That was three years ago. He’s still wearing the jacket. Why? He doesn’t care what it says and nobody he knows understands it, anyway.

You gotta love that.


4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. It DOES spice up a walk to the bakery, I’ll admit that. I’ve been collecting photos of amusing t-shirts and shops for a while now and am going to steal your idea and make it a running blog feature! So thanks for that!

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