Princess Di and I

Today, on my way home from yoga, I passed a group of 30 or so hikers descending a dirt track on our land. They were serious hikers, with real boots and metal walking sticks and everything. They looked like they were really enjoying the weather and the scenery.


As I smiled and waved at them, the ridiculousness of it all hit me. These people saved up their money and vacation days and came all the way to Provence from who knows where just to walk around on our property. We are their holiday destination! I live in a tourist attraction! I realized that I need to make this official and start a list:

Ways in Which My Life Is Similar to the Late Princess Diana’s:

1. Blond hair

2. Blue eyes

3. Both really excited about her wedding in 1981

4. Married into a royal family

5. Live inside tourist attraction

6. Wave at crowds as we drive by


5 thoughts on “Princess Di and I

  1. Hey, I’d pay good money to wander around on your land too! Think you need a brochure though, maybe a little marketing here in the states…think it also needs some pictures…I know a photographer…just think of it as a business investment! hehe

  2. You’re so right! They don’t let people wander around Buckingham Palace for free… We should start charging admission. You’ve got the job. When can you be here? 🙂

  3. If you pay admission, then you get to just wander around Buckingham Palace? Living in a tourist attraction may not be all it’s cracked up to be. We visited “Gatorland.” Your attraction sounds a lot more homey.

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