Weekend Snapshots


8 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Your SAINT VALENTIN”ed” lunch is up to your new royal title: it looks abolutely divine, perfect, delicious and I absolutely adore the idea of having mixed dishes from all aroung the world.
    How dary to mix sushi with champagne: love it.
    I am feeling hungry now (luckily I have just baked a “not so bad looking” lemon cake which I will have with roiboos tea (instead of champagne);
    Laurence xoxo

  2. That was so much fun and your photos capture the mood so perfectly! You are the new-and-improved version of Martha Stewart for Provence, non? Liz

  3. I was thinking about posting our Norimaki the other day but that’s never going to happen now – remind me never to invite you to dinner, or lunch or anything where we may cook…I’d be eternally embarrassed. Not from the cooking but the presentation could never be matched to what I continuously see you do. Seriously, have you thought about having your own show?

  4. Aw, you guys are making me blush. Except the comment about never being invited to dinner at your house, Scott. That just makes me sad! Seriously, though, this lunch was such fun to make.

  5. That somewhat, but just barely outranks the frozen pizza I “made” (heated up)(badly) for Sweetie. Would you be willing to work as a personal chef?

  6. wow. incredible picture of an incredible feast. I am duly impressed with the realization of your gift of entertaining. What flair. I am your eternal fan. XO Caroline

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