Warning: French Internet Scam!

Hello, friends! I just wanted to make you aware of this French Internet scam that has been making the rounds and even showing up in the mailboxes of non-French-speakers. For those of you who aren’t fluent in French, I have translated the e-mail below. Sure, it’s not a word-for-word translation, but sometimes you have to read between the lines of these things:


Dear client,
It looks like there may have been some fraudulent activity on your Crédit Mutuel card. Please get out your card and click on the link below, where we will ask you to identify yourself and then take your card number and go on a shopping spree here in Nigeria, as much as such a thing is possible in Nigeria, where there’s no Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store, no Pottery Barn, not even a Dairy Queen, due to the inadequate national infrastructure provided by our corrupt leaders.

However, Nigeria has one of the highest population growth and fertility rates in the world, and according to what the Pope has been saying while he’s here on the continent, we all need to stop using condoms or we will go to hell, which we have heard is even worse than Lagos. I shudder to think.

So, you see, we really need your money to support our growing families while we focus on plotting to overthrow the existing government by rigging the next election and putting someone in office who will finally bring the Dairy Queen franchise to our country. I hope your credit limit is high enough for that. It’s really hot here, and I’m just dying for a Snickers Blizzard.

Love and kisses,
Crédit Mutuel


Bonjour cher client,
Le departement thechnique du Crédit Mutuel a enregistre des cas d’utilisation potentiellement frauduleuse de votre carte des cle personel. Pour votre sécurité votre compte a était bloqué. Nous nous excusons pour la gêne occasionnelle.

Pour réactiver votre compte suivre les instruction suivante

1. Munissez vous de votre carte des cle personel
2. Identifier vous ici.
3. Suivez les instruction sur la page

Votre compte a été bloqué. Il continuera а être bloqué tant que ces condition ne sont pas rempli.

le Crédit Mutuel


6 thoughts on “Warning: French Internet Scam!

  1. Is it all right if I just post my credit card number and pin right here on your blog? I can also provide bank account numbers and my mother’s maiden name.Love the translation!Also, it seems the Catholic church’s view of science, having traversed an entire arc since Galileo, is heading back home.

  2. I’ll also need the four digit security code on the back of your card, please. As for the Pope, maybe he wants to be the only one wearing a funny, pointy hat.

  3. Him and Jughead. And their scientific views are remarkably similar. Aaaannnnddd.. with that, I’m probably doomed to another 32 years in purgatory.

  4. Doon’t worry. Purgatory gets a bad rap, I think. It’s not supposed to be good, of course, but it’s not supposed to be bad either. It’s just… Nothing. Like Antigo, Wisconsin.

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