Staycation: Day Four

I’m so far behind! Day four of our Staycation was last Tuesday, and while there’s not a lot to report from it, we still really enjoyed ourselves. In the morning we went kayaking on the Durance, which was deliciously cool and refreshing in this hot August weather. We ate a simple lunch of tomato, basil and cucumber salad from the garden, then made a trip to the grocery store for that evening’s provisions. We hosted a little family barbecue in honor of Momo and Elodie, Johann’s cousins visiting from the Champagne region.

The dinner started with Champagne (of course) and a trayful of snacks, which we enjoyed out on our new(ish) terrace. Then we moved to the table, where we had a starter of salad with smoked salmon, followed by Liz’s special recipe for apricot glazed chicken (a hit!), garden zucchini au gratin and taboulé with cucumber and tomato. Our guests brought a pear cake for dessert. This may not have been the most photogenic of our Staycation days, but it was a lovely time all the same.


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