Staycation! Day Two

Staycation isn’t all play and no work. Day two of our summer holiday was largely spent dealing with pool-related issues, which wasn’t what you’d call fun, but it was necessary. And for Johann, it beat a day at the office, so we’ll consider it one for the “win” column. In the evening we had the honor of being the first dinner guests at our friends Jamie and Tanya’s beautiful, enormous new house. I apologize that I was too overwhelmed by its magnificence to even think about getting my camera out, so you’ll have to take my word for it that every detail was perfect. The vaulted ceilings, the luxury bathrooms, the humongous pool. And their tile! I had some serious floor envy. It’s exactly what I would have chosen if we’d had the budget for it. They prepared some perfectly rosy duck, oven-roasted potatoes and enough wine that I was able to get Jamie to promise (via iPhone voice memos) that he would attend our olive picking party in November. Ha! Summer in Provence is about enjoying the simple things in life, like a wonderful meal with great friends out underneath the stars. Wish you were here!


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