Le Retour

I’ve really been neglecting my blog for quite some time, now. There are a lot of reasons for this. First of all, this blog used to be located at Vox, where there was a cute little wine theme at the top and unlimited space for photos and I could actually figure out how to change the font on the template. I mean, come on. A serif font? Who would choose this? So I don’t love it here at Typepad.

Secondly, it seems like everyone and their dog has a blog these days, and I wondered how much interest anyone really has in one more self-indulgent thing to read. And “everyone and their dog” may sound like hyperbole, but I’m aware of at least one cat that has a Twitter account (status: clean butt) and how likely am I to write anything that’s more interesting than a cat who can type? Not very.

And lastly, I just feel a little guilty about it. I have it pretty good here in France and I know there are a lot of people who are having relationship problems or money trouble or who have sick children. Do those people really want to read about our meal at a two-star restaurant or see photos of our sunset sailboat cruise or weekend in Paris? It appears that the answer to this question is a mixed bag. I’ve gotten some varied feedback from people who’ve read my blog. So, you live in a mansion? Um, no. Does this blog make my house look fat? Or are you thinking of the castle we visited? Must be rough having servants. Servants? What servants? Where are they? And why is it always such a mess in here? A blog? How 2006 of you. Hey, thanks for telling me something that’s sort of true but with a really mean-spirited spin. You’re like FOX News.

But on the other hand, some people have told me that they enjoy reading about our life here in France. They say they like seeing our trip photos. They’re amused by the idiosyncrasies of the French and my utter inability to fit in here. And I guess when it comes right down to it, Johann and I have to admit that we fall into this latter category. We like being able to look back on stories and photos of trips we took five years ago. We love re-living last summer’s staycation. Re-reading this blog is like watching the highlight reel to our life and we want to keep doing it, even if we’re the only members of the audience.

So if you care to join us for the show, stick around. I’ll try to make it worth your while. And if not, no hard feelings. There are a lot more compelling ways to waste one’s time on the internet. That cat is bound to get ahold of a ball of yarn one of these days, and I predict mayhem.

Thanks, friends. Hope to see you soon.


2 thoughts on “Le Retour

  1. I LOVE it. Keep writing when you feel like it…even if is just for you & Johann to be able to relive beautiful moments. Tant mieux pour ça!! But I think your stories, tales & pics fascinate a lot of people, whether they comment or not. Love & XOs

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