I Blove You

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve just moved my blog from TypePad to this gorgeous and easy to use new space on WordPress.

Or, rather, that Bryan and Daryl at WordPress have moved it for me. I’ve seen some very effusive posts on other people’s WordPress blogs about the excellent service here, and let me say that they don’t do it justice. Please allow me to positively gush over the prompt response to my pleas for help, the personal replies (from real people, not an auto-generated paragraph from the FAQ page!) and the kindly-worded instructions that told me exactly what do do without making me feel like a moron, even though that’s exactly what I am. In the end, the dynamic duo very sweetly deleted my botched attempt to transfer the blog, repaired my improperly saved file and uploaded the whole thing for me, photos and all.

I’ve only just arrived, but I already BLOVE it here. Thanks, Bryan and Daryl!


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