Coming Soon: Nina Ricci and LaDurée

Coming Soon: Nina Ricci and LaDurée

A highly unusual partnership has led to a sensory overload. Nina Ricci and famous French pastry maker, Ladurée, have come together to create a scent inspired by macarons and macarons inspired by scent. The challenge was in creating a fragrance as if it were a macaron and vice versa. Charged with the task were Ladurée’s Vincent Lemains and master perfumer Olivier Cresp. The project took around six months to complete, with the pair meeting two-to-three times per month. Named “La Tentation de Nina” (Nina’s Temptation), the fruity floral essence combines Italian bergamot and grapefruit with Bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood, complemented by a macaron hint brought forth through raspberry, almond, lemon and Bulgarian rose absolute notes. The matching macaron, also in bright pink topped with gold leaf, combines notes of raspberries, lemons, roses and almonds. Scheduled for release January 20.


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